James Oswald


The Son of God is late for the second coming. Can the forces of good muster in time, or has the devil already won?




Jacob Cohen is the Son of God.

He works his days in the Edinburgh Tax Office, gently explaining to the confused that, yes, they do have to pay for their place in society. He spends his nights alone, thinking about writing a novel. Or with his mates, down the pub. Louise Cypher is the Devil She is head of Cypher Industries, the largest corporation on earth. If it is made, Cypher make it. If it can be bought, Cypher sell it. So why does she want to take over the world? She already owns most of it.

Far out in space, an asteroid changes course. Itís destination is a small, insignificant planet in the arse end of the galaxy. Earth. Itís estimated time of impact: December 31. 11.59 PM and 59 seconds.

Now tell me thatís a coincidence.

Jacob is a comedy of religion, a wry look at the second coming from a distinctively Edinburgh point of view. It charts the final battle as the forces of good and evil jostle for control of the minds and wallets of the masses in the coming thousand years.

The devil has been on earth planning her triumph for twenty-five years. Every eventuality has been considered and allowed for. It is a complicated plan, but one which will see her revered as the Messiah for evermore. Jacob has only just found out the truth about his heritage. He hasnít got a clue what heís meant to be doing. As the battle lines are drawn and the reluctant players form up for the game, will good once more prevail, or is it evilís turn?



This story will be published in due course. Watch this space, or Contact me for more details.