James Oswald


Cute, aren't they. But if a pair of rabbits could breed unfettered, with enough food for their offspring to all survive and breed themselves, in ten years time there would be a carpet of rabbit covering the whole of the UK. Scary Fluff.



Where do short stories come from? I'm not sure. This one was inspired by a small soapstone carving of a hare, ears slicked back over its body as it stares upwards at the mad March moon. Or more likely the ceiling. It's an old SF conceit that aliens are out there, watching us and making sure that we don't spread our violent wings too far. Quite why they should bother, I'm not sure. Far better to leave something really destructive for us to find. If we're ready, it will take us on to the next stage of evolution, from the physical to the spiritual, aetherial. If not, then there'll just be a really big explosion.



A downloadable file of this story will be made available soon. Please check back, or contact me for publication details.