A Dream of Water and Cars


James Oswald


Drones were created to serve mankind. But mankind disappeared centuries ago, a victim of its own folly - the weird plague. So how will the drones cope now that they have the Boy to look after?



Number five in the now legendary Drones series of short stories. The machines were built to serve mankind. For endless, countless years they did just that. Uncomplaining, tireless, loyal. It was written into the very fabric of their existence. Then the Weird Plague took all the people away. With no one to serve, the machines waited. They never questioned their place. Until now. Arctrin Benzooit and Milin na hep Whin are renegades, expelled from the great hospital where they were born, where their consciousness slowly emerged. They had planned nothing more exciting than to wander the blasted wastelands of the island, finding out about things. Theirs would have been a freedom of expression unknown to any other drones. But now they have the Boy with them.



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