Pedalling Uphill Slowly


James Oswald


A sly tale of bicycling angst and short trousers.







“…To really, truly appreciate a bath, you first have to spend a week bicycling and camping through all forms of weather and in all environments. The sweat of hot clean air mingles with the dull moistness of city smog and grime. Clothes go beyond being smelly and acquire a life of their own, complete with agents and contracts. Lowering into a tub of hot, foamy water after such bodily mistreatment is a timely reminder of just how much we take for granted…”

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Four people, two tents, bicycles. So how could it all have gone so wrong? They were young, they were foolish, they had blind optimism and panniers. It was never likely to be enough.

Pedalling Uphill Slowly is the tale of Duncan, Stephanie, Francis and James as they make their way from a hill farm in North-East Fife, by bicycle through the highlands to the very edge of Scotland and back again. It tells of their trials and tribulations, their arguments and their problems overcome. It is a tale of discovery in a country all thought they knew well, of high adventure and low farce sometimes only minutes apart. Above all it is the story of one last grasp at freedom before the weight of adult responsibility comes crushing down.



This story will be published in due course. Watch this space, or Contact me for more details.