Or without whom...

Time was, when the interwebs were simple, that link pages were a way of mutual backscratching used to boost sites up Google's ranking system.

Google's more sophisticated now, so reciprocal links are not as useful as they once were. All the same, I have friends and they have sites. You might like to visit them some time.



Mr Stuart

Yes, that Stuart MacBride. He of Detective Sergeant Logan McRae fame. Also Halfhead, Sawbones, Birthdays for the Dead, Twelve Days of Christmas and no doubt many more before I've remembered to update this again.

Stuart and I go way back, and before he was an international best-selling author, he was an artist who worked in web design. Most of the images on this site were done by him. You can tell the ones I did myself as they're all shite.




Ecodyn is a far-sighted company, specialising in the good management of the environment. If you're in the market for some advice on building sustainably, complying with ISO9001 or just want to make your company more efficient, the Ecodyn are the people to see. The fact that my brother set the whole thing up and employed me in the early days to build and maintain his website has got nothing to do with this endorsement. Honest.



Fliskmillan Farm

When not busy writing stories and wrangling with html, php and css, I spend my time raising Highland Cows and Romney Sheep.

This is my farm.



Asylum Books and Games

Apart from Stuart, the other person key to getting me started in this messy writing business was Mike McLean. Mike was co-founder of From the Sublime... magazine and he now owns and runs Asylum Books and Games in Adelphi, Aberdeen. Mike is an authority on all things Comics - especially Batman. Plus he has a daschund called The Captain who regularly widdles on the shop carpet, adding to that unique comic shop aroma.



Sir Benfro

This is my blog - it doesn't get updated anything like as often as it should. When I do post something, it's usually a rant, or a whinge. Sometimes even a moan.



Spinetingler Magazine

Run by the redoubtable Sandra Ruttan (that's roo tan) and Brian Lindenmuth, Spinetingler first published my short stories Natural Causes and Jenny. Go to them for all things crime and noir.